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Uniform Policy



Pants and Skirts: Long pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers

  • Color: Navy blue or khaki
  • Waistband must be fitted or a belt must be worn
  • Baggy or low riding pants are NOT ALLOWED
  • Bicycles shorts are only permitted under skirts or jumpers
  • Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be below the child's fingertips

Shirts: Long or short sleeve polo style shirts or button downs

  • Color: Navy blue or white

Students can wear jackets and/or sweatshirts in classroom and in hallways, but hoods on the head are prohibited in the building. A uniform shirt must be worn underneath jackets.

Shoes: Must have a strap.  Flip flops or slides are prohibited.


Dress down days will be awarded for ……  


Please note that scholars are expected to dress appropriately on dress down days.  The following are examples of inappropriate attire and are not permitted on dress down days: flip flops/slides, shorts/skirts above the child's fingertips, blouses or shirts that are low cut or show midriff, spaghetti straps, see-through shirts/pants, jeans/pants with holes or tears, and low riding or baggy pants/shorts/skirts